Blyton event

Comp No. Name Make/Model Engine CC Sat Sun Entry received Entry Confirmed

Class SB - Standard Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

24Dave ChestertonRenault Clio1998YesNoyesPending
21Steve RiddleRenault Clio Cup1998YesYesyesConfirmed
22Callum MooreRenault Clio1998YesYesyesConfirmed
23Rodney EllisLotus Elan1558YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 1A - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars up to 1400cc

25Andrew RollasonFord Ka1298YesYesyesConfirmed
26Mike EdwardsAustin Mini1380YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 1B - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

30John PollardMazda MX5 NC1999NoYesyesConfirmed
31Peter Taylormazda mx51999YesYesyesConfirmed
32Leo MartoranaAlfa Romeo Mito1368YesNoyesConfirmed
732Adrian MartoranaAlfa Mito1368YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 1C - Road Modified Saloon and Sports Cars over 2000cc

35Paul JaggardAlfa Romeo 147 GTA3200YesYesyesConfirmed
36Ed McdonoughAlfa Romeo 156GTA3200YesYesyesConfirmed
37Emma HuntVolkswagen Golf 1.8 Turbo1800YesYesyesConfirmed
38James HuntBMW E302500NoYesyesConfirmed
39Gordon PetersNISSAN 350Z GT3500YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 2A - Road Modified Kit up to 1700cc

44Rich AbrahamCaterham Roadsport1600NoYesyesConfirmed
740Anthony ShearmanCaterham 310R1598YesYesyesConfirmed
43Graham HoldstockCaterham Seven1600YesNoyesConfirmed
40Zoe ShearmanCaterham 310R1596YesYesyesConfirmed
42Paul WebbSylva Striker1660YesYesyesConfirmed
41John ClarkeCaterham Seven S31588YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 2E - Road-going Lotus Elise and Elise derived Cars

45Nigel HinsonLotus Elise Series 11796YesYesyesConfirmed
47Mike HullLotus Exige1800YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 3B - Modified Production Cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc

50Elen WorthingtonLotus Elise1796YesYesyesConfirmed
51Dean MaddockFord Escort1993YesYesyesConfirmed
52Taras AndrusinRenault Clio 172 Cup1998YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 3C - Modified Production Cars over 2000cc

55Mike StarkAlfa Romeo 156 GTA3200YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 4A - Sports Libre Cars up to 1700cc

60Clive WoosterRadical sr41475YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 4B - Sports Libre Cars over 1700cc

65Steven WrightFord Mk1 Escort2000YesNoyesConfirmed
66Jon WoolfittMk Busa1400YesNoyesConfirmed
67Paul WoolfittLotus Elise1300YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 5A - Racing Cars up to 1100cc

70Martin PicklesJedi Mk11000YesNoyesConfirmed
71David TathamOMS Hornet1000YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 5C - Racing Cars over 1100cc up to 1600cc

75Chris ThomasOMS 2000m1585YesNoyesConfirmed

Class 11-4B - British Sprint Championship(Sports Libre Cars over 1700cc)

14Paul HorroxJuno CN2150NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-5A - British Sprint Championship(Racing Cars up to 1100cc)

15Chris JonesForce TA1000YesYesyesConfirmed
16Chris BennettForce TA998YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-5C - British Sprint Championship (Racing Cars over 1100cc up to and including 1600cc)

17Steve BrownJKS JR011500YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-5D - British Sprint Championship (Racing Cars over 1600cc up to and including 2000cc)

12Steve BroughtonSBD Dallara F31998YesYesyesConfirmed
9Matt HillamSBD Dallara F31996YesYesyesConfirmed
5Stephen MilesVan Diemen RF96mm171998YesYesyesConfirmed
6Nick AlgarDJ Firehawk1340YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 11-5E - British Sprint Championship (Racing Cars over 2000cc)

3John GrahamGould GR55b3500YesYesyesConfirmed
18Graham BlackwellMygale EcoBoost G181600YesYesyesConfirmed
19Peter Gouldingmygale formula ford 2001595YesYesyesConfirmed
20Stewart RobbPilbeam. Mp885000YesYesyesConfirmed
8Graham PorrettLOLA TeGra T903500YesYesyesConfirmed
4Terry HolmesLOLA TEGRA JUDD3500YesYesyesConfirmed
2Colin CalderGould GR553500YesYesyesConfirmed
1Heather CalderGould GR553500YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 7 - Cars competing in the Classic Marques Speed Challenge

100Steve LylePorsche Boxster S3400YesNoyesConfirmed
101Noor AliMazda MX51599YesNoyesConfirmed
801Emma AliMazda MX51599YesNoyesConfirmed
102Ben CurryReliant Scimitar SS1 Ti1809YesYesyesConfirmed
103Stephen OakesReliant Scimitar SS11809YesYesyesConfirmed
803Joshua OakesReliant Scimitar SS11809YesYesyesConfirmed
104Steve CorkReliant Scimitar SS1 Ti1809YesYesyesConfirmed
105John WadsworthMazda MX5 mk31997YesNoyesConfirmed
106Peter SmithScimitar SS11809YesYesyesConfirmed
107Brian MarshallPorsche 944 Turbo SE3217YesYesyesConfirmed
108Howard BarnardMazda MX51840YesYesyesConfirmed
109Matthew EadyGinetta G41998YesYesyesConfirmed
110Martin RoweHonda S20001997YesYesyesConfirmed
111Les. ProcterElva Mark 71558NoYesyesConfirmed
112Nick Halltoyota mr21998YesNoyesConfirmed
114Roger FishHonda S20001997YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 8 - TVR Sports Car Club Speed Championship

120Iain StallardTVR Vixen1760YesYesyesConfirmed
820Geoff StallardTVR Vixen1760YesYesyesConfirmed
122Steve HunterTVR Chimaera4500YesYesyesConfirmed
822Jo BriarsTVR Chimaera4500YesYesyesConfirmed
123Mark HarrisTVR Cerbera4185YesYesyesConfirmed
124Mark HankinsTVR 25002498YesYesyesConfirmed
125David BarrowcloughTVR Chimera4995YesYesyesConfirmed
126Steve DennisTVR 1600M1775YesYesyesConfirmed

Class 9-A - Bert Hadley Memorial Championship(Road cars)

130Gerald MullordAustin 7 Hamblin747NoYesyesConfirmed
131Ian BennettAustin Seven RTC mk1750NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 9-B - Bert Hadley Memorial Championship(Track cars)

135Charles Plain-jonesAustin 7 Cowley Special750NoYesyesConfirmed
136Alistair Frayling-corkAustin Seven Special747NoYesyesConfirmed
137Paul GeeringAUSTIN 7 PIGSTY SPECIAL750NoYesyesConfirmed

Class 10 - Morgan Sports Car Club Techniques Speed Championship

138Paul BryanMorgan +4 Supersports1999YesYesyesConfirmed
139Simon AshbyMorgan 4/41700YesYesyesConfirmed
140Lindsey WrightMorgan plus 83900YesYesyesConfirmed
141Nick BoltonMorgan +84555YesYesyesConfirmed
142Simon BainesMorgan Roadster3700YesYesyesConfirmed