Welcome to the archive here you will find interesting articles from members past and present. This is a great place to delve into the happenings of the NSCC and soke up some of it's histpory. You will also get an inside view of sprinting and hillclimbing from all aspects be it Competitor, Marshal or Spectator.

  • nscc archives mike mayfield By Mike Mayfield

    The Clubs' Archives ( as they exist at present ) are largely the domain of Mike Mayfield, the self appointed Club Archivist over the past 15 — 20 years....read more

  • moleracing - 2019 season - Early Summer Report lo By Steve Miles

    Something to start the week off with! The last 4 events haven’t gone that well, and I suppose I my say Im lucky as I haven’t had a big acciendent in my 20 years of driving this single seater racing car, so I suppose it had to happen at some point! Still all is well now and we are on the up......read more

  • moleracing - 2019 season - Winter Upgrades First By Steve Miles

    A winter check over of every square mm of the car in an attempt to get more reliability was the focus of the winter work. The intake assembly was sent back to SBD and Jenvey for an upgrade, plus new injectors. Also, the shock absorbers were the biggest expense, with a full strip and rebuild and we found that not one shock absorber was the same, and the two closest ones were on different axles!...read more

  • moleracing 2018 season - Final Report 4 of 4 By Steve Miles

    After the trailer tyre puncture on the way home from Scotland, I invested in 4 new trailer tyres to make sure I made it to Northern Ireland a fortnight later. Unfortunately, 1 hour into the 12-hour journey, a wheel came off at 60mph, but luckily it cleared 3 lanes of the M6 and dropped to a halt in the central reservation – no one hurt, just my wallet in getting a new wheel, tyre, studs and nuts to continue the journey with no further incidents....read more

  • moleracing - 2018 season - report 3 of 4 By Steve Miles

    Abingdon The car loom was repaired following the failure at Pembrey and I was back in action the following weekend. Abingdon is highly unusual in as much as the 140-car entry is split in two, with half the field competing on one course while the other half competes on another. At lunchtime you swap over and at the end of the day your best time from each course is added together for an overall result. I first competed at this event around 2000 and have done so about 6 times – but never won it....read more

  • moleracing - 2018 season - report 2 of 4 By Steve Miles

    Croft With Snow forecast all week, this was always going to be an interesting event! However, it was the rain in the end that caused the event to be cancelled before the first timed run was even posted! A walk of the track the previous evening was very useful as it revealed where the puddle and standing water was, as in the morning with the rain and more water down, it was all wet and these areas of deeper water were not obvious....read more

  • moleracing - 2018 season - Winter Upgrades & First By Steve Miles

    Winter Upgrades During the last event in 2017, I was pulling a large G loading though one of the bends at Anglesey and the consequences of something breaking would not be good – so my winter upgrade was focused on safety modifications. I changed every rod end and spherical bearing in the car, plus put on a new set of brake discs and meticulously checked everything....read more

  • moleracing - 2017 season - Final Update 4 of 4 By Steve Miles

    Blyton Park Weekend This was just a fun weekend supporting my local club and allowed me to try different things out as a test session. There was no significant opposition once Glyn Sketchley had crashed and I took FTD on both days. The Sunday layout caused a major moment that could have ended in disaster...read more

  • moleracing - 2017 season - 3rd report update By Steve Miles

    Lydden Hill Circuit - Another circuit I enjoy driving and this event was entered purely for the pleasure of doing so as I hadn’t been there for a few years as no sprints have been run for a while. Massive M25 delays meant many competitors who set off on the Friday never got here until Saturday morning!...read more

  • moleracing - 2017 season - 2nd report update By Steve Miles

    Refreshed from a weeks holiday in Umbria, the car was loaded up on Friday morning and I drove to Snetterton, back past Stansted Airport where I’d landed the day before! Borough 19 motor Club run a slick event on the 100 circuit, whilst the rest of the paddock was crammed full for a wide range of races on the 200 layout plus 1000’s of minis anticipated for a big mini fest! All this meant plenty of spectators and a tight paddock....read more

  • moleracing - 2017 season first 4 events update med By Steve Miles

    Back to School I thought I’d treat myself to some proper instruction and go back to school to see if I could drive a little better! Five of us had secured the services of a well-respected professional race engineer and excellent driver and we spent a day at Blyton learning to drive the quick way – as opposed to the safe way...read more

  • moleracing - start of 2017 season update By Steve Miles

    After collecting the awards last November – seen here with Naser who worked his aero magic on the car last season - the SBD 2 litre normally aspirated engine that had taken me to the British Sprint 2 litre championship title last year had given 4 years excellent service but was overdue its 40 hour rebuild. Yes, you did read that correctly, the engine needs a full rebuild after just 40 hours, but you don’t get 300bhp from an normally aspirated engine without a downside....read more

  • NSCC 2016 3 of 3 R19-R22 By Stephen Morrison

    Having completed 18 rounds of the NSCC Championship by the end of August, thefirst port of call for September was MIRA with MAC, where the top 2 contenders forthe NSCC title battled the conditions as much as each other. Standing water andchanging conditions caused a number of incidents and 2nd placed Gavin Neate wasfortunate not to do more damage to his Peugeot 106 during some rally-cross styledemonstrations in front of the control tower....read more

  • moleracing 2016 season Final event report By Steve Miles

    Blyton Park double lapper - After a 5 week break, everyone was raring to go again at this popular venue near Gainsborough. Perhaps the 20 hour round trip was a bit much for the one day meeting for the Calder’s who gave it a miss, although they plan to be out to attempt to secure the top 2 spots at Anglesey for the season finale....read more

  • NSCC 2016 2 of 3 R11-R18 By Stephen Morrison

    Having just completed the NSCC Curborough double header at the beginning of July, we only had a few days to regroup and sort our cars out in time for another double header. This time we were part of the hugely popular WSCC weekend at Blyton Park. It's an excellent circuit and has always suited my Lotus Elise. That was until the heavens opened! ...read more

  • NSCC 2016 1 of 3 R10 By Stephen Morrison

    We are well into the 2016 NSCC Speed Championship, with 10 of the 22 rounds completed. The ever popular Rockingham Sprint started the season, with the usual suspects performing well. Great to see Gordon Peters taking part in the championship after a few years out and he was off to a flying start in the raucous Nissan 350Z GT. ...read more

  • moleracing 2016 season 2nd event report By Steve Miles

    Snetterton - The intervening 6 weeks since Croft saw additional front wing second element go on the car in a high downforce configuration for better front end grip. I’d also added extra padding for shoulders and legs in the cockpit so that in the big corners, where high lateral G is being generated (2.7G is the highest sustained loading seen so far!) I’m now restrained laterally as well as with the six-point harness....read more

  • moleracing 2016 season winter developments and the By Steve Miles

    Winter Developments - For a change, I was doing nothing to the engine or the gearbox in the off season, and so decided tp centre all improvements on going a tad quicker in the bends. Also for safety reason, I decided to replace every nut and bolt on the car and all the rod end joints in the suspension. A new clutch slave cyclinder was put in as its always make dodgy noises! As I’d stripped the car so far, I took the opportunity to weld the chassis up and also extract all the rivet head that get left in the tubes when you put a floor on....read more

  • NSCC 2015 3 of 3 The final By Stephen Morrison

    Following 20 rounds of sprints and hillclimbs across the Midlands and North ofEngland, the NSCC competitors headed to North Wales the final 2 rounds at thespectacular Anglesey Circuit.The championship was reduced to 22 rounds this season, as the NSCC doubleheader at Thoresby had to be cancelled due to track subsidence. The event wasgreatly missed by the club and many competitors from other clubs, but Thoresbywill be back on the 2016 calendar if all goes to plan....read more

  • NSCC 2015 2 of 3 R20 By Stephen Morrison

    It has been 15 rounds since my last compilation... and of course a lot has happened. In May there were two busy rounds at MIRA, where we first got to see (but not photograph!) the Legends Racing Ford Sedan, shared by newcomers Alan Foster and Simon Kidger. Reigning champion Steve Brown, was competing for the first time this season with a new engine in the Westfield Megabusa....read more

  • NSCC 2015 1 of 3 R5 By Stephen Morrison

    For the second year in a row the NSCC season kicked off at the Rockingham MotorSpeedway, with its high speed race circuit, modern pit garages and seeminglyregular sunshine. All target times for Rockingham were set in 2014, so there wasplenty of scope for improvement and plenty of competitors turned out with that inmind. In fact 5 of the 17 NSCC drivers beat their respective class target, withmany others not far behind....read more

2014 NSCC Round up (Rounds 16 to 20)By Stephen Morrison

Heading into the final quarter of the NSCC RTR Speed Championship, Steve Brown, in his Westfield Megabusa, was in a commanding position and looking good to retain the title. The NSCC Championship is the best of 8 rounds and hitting your target time gives you 20 points, so with 160 points already on the board we all felt Steve couldnít be caught.
However, the top 10 all receive cash prizes, including £250 for 2nd and £150 for 3rd and those positions were very much up for grabs....read more

2014 NSCC Round up (Rounds 4 to 15)By Stephen Morrison

There has been an abundance of great events in the NSCC Speed Championship already this season so itís hard to believe there are still 5 remaining, including the award winning Thoresby Park in September.
Back in May we managed to dodge the showers at MIRA and had a full set of dry runs. June, saw a number of new competitors get going and an impressive start for novice Daniel Morris in his Clio 172 Cup at Prescott.....read more

2014 NSCC Round up (up to Round 3)By Stephen Morrison

What a difference a year makes ñ to the start of a sprinting season. It was the first round of the NSCC Speed Championship and it was the middle of March again, but only the date bore any resemblance to this time last year.
The snow at a failing Leicestershire circuit (thankfully now reborn) was a distant memory after a few minutes of blue skies at the very impressive Rockingham Circuit, complete with garages, electricity and running water!...read more

VI SELBY - A LIFE IN MOTORSPORTBy Steve Miles published by Speedscene

At the request of friends and Speedscene magazine, Vi Selby, President of the Nottingham Sports Car Club, goes back in time and shares her memories of motor sport over the years.
Our interest in motorsport started in 1969, when my late husband, Keith, and I were caught up in traffic near Thruxton circuit and drove into the circuit for a break. It was a F2 meeting and we watched Jochen Rindt win his race. This was a new interest and our favourite formulae became Formula Ford and F5000.
...read more

2014 event report, (1st of 3) British Sprint Championship rounds at Castle Combe, Croft & Lydden HillBy Steve Miles

Winter Developments
4th overall in last years SBD British Sprint Championship was celebrated at the awards dinner - although I did get a lot of abuse for my shirt!
After the major expense of the new engine, I'd blown my budget midway through 2013! Mike Musson kindly helped with a lot of suspension analysis and we found a few issues that have now been corrected. A new clutch hydraulic slave cylinder and having the shock absorbers serviced all has made the car much better to drive so far this season.
...read more

2013 Final event report British Sprint Championship rounds at Knockhill, Brands Hatch & Anglesey By Steve Miles

Knockhill, Scotland
An incident packed weekend north of the border! If you recall, I had made a rather expensive error with the new race engine in Ireland when I started it without connecting the oil pump drive belt. After an exhausting weekend, it came out, went back to SBD and they repaired my mistake in exchange for some laying down of the plastic! The freshly repaired engine - with new bearings, crank, con rod and some minor parts was now installed and had been checked many times and run up in the garage.
...read more

2013 Event report 2. British Sprint Championship rounds at Snetterton, Pembrey, Anglesey & Kirkistown By Steve Miles

I think these last four rounds has been the most eventful and expensive in the last 10 years!
Snetterton, Norfolk
After the technical problems during the first test and 4 events, it was great to have a weekend where it all came together at Snetterton in May. I was hoping for rain, and 3rd overall in the first damp practice shows the car has great pace when conditions are slippery, but a dry weekend was in store.
...read more

2013 Event report 1. Club meetings at Mallory & Goodwood, plus the first 2 rounds of the British Sprint Championship at Castle Combe and Lydden Hill By Steve Miles

Curborough testing Winter development? - nice and easy this year was the plan, with just a new ECU and loom to give me full launch and traction control and a few small aerodynamic upgrades and a general checkover. But no matter how simple your plans, and how early you start it always seems a manic rush in the few weeks before the start.
...read more

2012 Event report 4. British Sprint Championship Club meetings at Brighton Speed Trials and Brands Hatch plus the finale of the British Sprint Championship at Anglesey By Steve Miles

Brighton Speed Trials It was good to compete again after a 4 week break, although this was an event that nearly didn't happen. As we arrived around 6am, dawn was breaking on Brighton seafront, the red glow accompanied by many flashing blue police lights. It turned out that there had been a serous stabbing around 2am and despite someone begin arrested, the forensics team had cordoned off the paddock. Brighton and Hove Motor Club recovered a tricky situation and the event started only 30 minutes late.
...read more

2012 Event report 3. British Sprint Championship rounds at Northern Ireland and Scotland, plus club meetings Blyton Park and Goodwood Circuit By Steve Miles

After a tough round at Pembrey, we were lying 5th in the British, and a few weeks preparation time for the overseas leg in Northern Ireland held at Kirkistown circuit.
For the first time, this meeting brought together the Irish Sprint championship and the British contenders and well over 100 cars led to a great days competition. It was mostly dry for a change and I was pleased to easily qualify for the run off 3rd overall. Terry Holmes in the V8 had made the long journey from Chichester - flying into Belfast on the morning of the competition, while Graham and TEGRA team did the big slog of getting the car there.
...read more

2012 Event report 2. British Sprint Championship rounds at Snetterton and Pembrey By Steve Miles

So, if you recall we decided to strip the car and inspect the clutch a 2nd time before the last round at Snetterton and make use of the gap between the 'hairy' Castle Combe round 1 in March and the Norfolk meeting on jubilee bank holiday weekend. Nothing unusual was found,but the bell housing will need some fabrication and machining over the winter to reinforce the hydraulic thrust bearing assembly.
...read more

2012 Event report 1. Winter development, shakedowns and British Sprint Championship round at Castle Combe By Steve Miles

Before last years season had ended, I decided to commission SBD Motorsport to build me new cylinder head and I raided the savings reserve funds. A few months I was excitedly unwrapping the box to reveal lots of shiny new bits and a 293bhp spec head.
...read more

2011 Event report Part 4 from the British Sprint Championship rounds at Kames, Odiham and Brighton By Steve Miles

The calculations had been done as to how I could fare after this final weekend of the British Championship at Kames. Currently 6th, anywhere from 5th to 10th was a possible outcome, however as entries were confirmed this was more likely to be 7th, as Ross Napier in the V8 F1Cosworth Gould had two scores to add, and I was only going to increase my score if I made 7th or higher. I was relying on weather flukes or retirements to increase my position!
...read more

2011 Event report Part 3 from the British Sprint Championship rounds at Kirkistown, Curborough and Cadwell By Steve Miles

The forecast held true and we enjoyed a glorious weekend of sunshine in Northern Ireland that was worth the 900mile round trip. A leisurely crossing on the High Speed Seacat brought us to Belfast, and then a quick trip down the side of Strangford Lock gets you to the circuit. ...read more

2011 Event report Part 2 from the British Sprint Championship rounds at Pembrey and Anglesey By Steve Miles

After an early start to the season there was a 6 week wait, due to opting out of 2 rounds in Scotland as having been last year I felt the track was dangerous - 120mph in a parkland with trees and buildings in very close proximity. This meant that I had dropped to 10th in the British Sprint Championship. But now we faced 6 events in 3 consecutive weekends! ...read more

2011 Event report Part 1 from the British Sprint Championship rounds at Castle Combe & Silverstone By Steve Miles

What a Winter! At the last event of 2010, I purchased the identical car that Bill Gouldthorpe had run for several years, a Van Diemen RF96. What attracted me to this car was the engine, an SBD Duratec with 272bhp, compared to my engine that was only 242bhp back in 2005. Both of these 96ís came from a team in Portugal in the 90ís, and here I was, owner of both! ...read more

Early Days at Curborough By Ray Masters

I have been asked to write a few words about the early days of Curborough Sprint course.

Very kind, but I know there are many people better qualified than I to write on this subject, namely competitors who entered far more frequently and were much more successful than me. However, here are a few of my recollections from those days, now over 40 years ago. ...read more

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